Media House Production Schedule

Production begins on the current week’s bulletin and insert
First proof is given to the FC, TG
Email Sunday’s Preacher for sermon title; confirm which sermon will be used
Retrieve disks and upload audio files to website
Replace clean disks in the Sacristy and Great Hall

Second proofs are distributed to all necessary staff: RK, JB, TG, FC, BL
Create ENews, paper News,
Production of concert program

Final proofs are completed for bulletin, insert and flyers
Update website with any changes
Last week of the month, publish the birthday/anniversary ENews
Review content of the website

Print bulletin in house, fold and stuff with connection card and flyer
Deliver bulletins to the Narthex
File paper copies of the bulletin and post pdf on the website
Final edits are completed for the ENews and published at the end of the day. 
Print a hard copy of the ENews, mail to 15, replace last week’s copies in the Narthex
Email is sent to all staff to request content for the next week’s bulletin and insert.

Update production schedule, print binder, platform binder
Finish printing and stuffing
Organize and tag photos on the server
Layout next week’s bulletin and insert
Check stock for shells, letterhead, connection cards, notecards, business cards
Organize studio and clean