Foyers 2019

Please feel free to contact the Coordinator Shirley Triano at 321-276-9142 or with questions or concerns. Final date for sign up is September 12th.

We will kick off Foyers 2018 with a Pot Luck on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. in the Great Hall (we are accommodating folks who attend the 6:00 service). You will meet your convener and group, and begin scheduling your monthly dinners. All Foyer participants must attend the Pot Luck dinner. See you there!

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A convener only has a few minor duties; to host the first dinner in October, then remind hosts/hostesses to contact everyone before their scheduled dinner date, cover the ground rules, and act as communicator between coordinator and group.
If necessary, are you willing or have space to host 10 guests? *
We will strive to keep to groups of 8; however we may need to increase a couple groups to 10 if we end up with uneven numbers
For example, community/development name, landmarks, cross streets, major roads, etc. This will help determine proximity for placement of Foyer Group members.