Foyer Groups at the Cathedral

Super Foyers Kick-off Pot Luck Dinner

At the beginning of each term, all group members will attend the pot luck dinner at the Cathedral, usually in the Great Hall. Prior to the dinner, conveners will have received their list of members in the group and will call each member to welcome them to the group and to help them decide what food they will contribute for the pot luck. This is the only time a group member will bring a covered dish to a gathering for Foyers.


At the Kick-off Pot Luck, group members meet their convener and all of the others in their group. After dinner and the brief presentation by the Foyer Coordinator, time will be allotted from groups to choose their individual dates for future dinners. Everyone will be reminded to bring their calendars along to the Pot Luck Dinner. This is a fun and festive occasion – you will not want to miss out!


What does a Foyer Convener Do?

The convener acts as the leader for the Foyer group of eight and hosts the first dinner. The convener initially contacts the members of the group to verify their contact information and remind them of the date and time for the Super Foyers Kick-off Pot Luck Dinner. During the kick-off dinner, conveners will facilitate scheduling the monthly dinners among the group and discussing the ground rules—very simple. Throughout the months, the convener will keep in contact with the host/hostess for each month as the date approaches to make sure all is well. The convener will act as communicator between members of the group and the Foyer Coordinator should problems arise. And as well, inform the Coordinator of any contact information changes of the group members.


Hosting a Foyer Group

As a participant of Foyers, you will have a chance to host the other members of your group in your home. If you are not able to host at least eight people in your home, you may co-host with another member or choose a suitable venue, such as a public park for your meal. Foyer dinners should always be simple, inexpensive and above all, fun!


Duration of the Foyer Gathering

Three hours seems to be an optimum length of time for a Foyer dinner gathering. It is far better to wind up the evening while everyone is still having a great time, than to find that you wish everyone would leave as soon as possible—not what we hope to have happen during your time of hosting.


The Meals

It is important that Foyer dinners be kept simple and inexpensive. Wine and beer may be offered, but refrain from serving strong alcoholic drinks. Also, always have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available.


What to do when you are the Host/Hostess

Contact your group members a few weeks ahead of your turn so everyone has the date in their calendar and on their radar. As it gets closer to the appointed time, make follow-up calls or emails to confirm attendance. Make sure everyone has driving instructions to your home, or if need be, a ride with someone. Before serving the meal, distribute the prayer cards to everyone and lead in the Litany of Reconciliation and blessing. Be sure to pass the prayer cards to the person/persons hosting the next month’s dinner.


What does the Foyer Participant Do?

Come to the dinner with an open heart and an eagerness to get to know the other members of our parish family in a relaxed social environment. The beauty of the Foyer program lies in the diversity of the groups and in the joy of discovering new friends, many of whom may sit next to you during services and special events at the Cathedral. This may be an opportunity to network for sports partners (tennis, golf, etc.), childcare sharing, searches, resources for employment, finding doctors, etc., going to civic events or just having good old-fashioned fun with new acquaintances.


If possible, participants should strive to attend each monthly dinner. Agree to take your turn at hosting one of the dinners. Respond to your host’s invitation promptly so plans for the meal and other arrangements can be made in a timely and respectful manner—RSVPs are so rare these days, but please do make your best effort to do so. If there is a time when you have one or two houseguests and you would like to include them (rather than be absent from the dinner), you MUST HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE HOST/HOSTESS to include them (remember, no children). This should be done only in rare occurrences.

Encourage other Cathedral members to sign up for the next Foyers program.