Imani Milele means "Always Believe"

Always believe! That's harder than it sounds. Canon Ben Lane introduced the Imani Milele Children's Choir last Sunday, with this question, "Do you believe you can change the world?" Everyone in the audience responded with a resounding, "Yes!" But, what happens when it becomes hard? What happens when our calendars, and our attention become filled with distractions; when our finances are spread thin from over involvement? We must continually, faithfully, believe. We must always believe in a God that can supply provision for a world that is in danger, and a merciful Lord that will grant us all that we need to care for the most vulnerable. In the 1970's the Ugandan people, especially Christians, suffered under the brutality of an inhumane dictator. Since then, the road to democracy and freedom for Christian expression has been difficult and the children of this small African country have suffered immeasurably. We saw a small group of these children last week as the Imani Milele Choir performed at the Cathedral. We heard first hand about the suffering in Uganda. Yet, how have these children responded? They sing! They sing with joy of the incredible gift of salvation offered by a mighty God. A God whose faithfulness they will Always Believe.  

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