Congratulations to Deacon Nancy Oliver!

The Association for Episcopal Deacons has presented a national award to Nancy in recognition of her “Ministry to the Marginalized.” 

At the Cathedral, we have come to love Nancy’s skill and heart in caring for the homeless; and we were inspired by the way she ministered to family and friends of Pulse victims on June 12. It is gratifying to see her receive national recognition for the way she models a deacon’s role in living at the intersection of Christ’s healing and the world’s wounds. The award notes the way Nancy works with developmentally disabled adults, ministers in her local jail, helps recently incarcerated men and women find jobs, and advocates for the restoration of voting rights to those who have served their time. 

As her certificate of recognition notes, “Nancy has a deacon’s heart for people who are often despised by the larger society. Her willingness to walk beside such people, offering presence and help when needed is an outstanding example of Christ’s ministry.”