A Message from the Acting Dean and the Senior Warden

Dear Cathedral Family,

Our Cathedral bears the name of St. Luke, the beloved physician. Our Book of Common Prayer celebrates him as the one who “set forth in the Gospel the love and healing power of God’s love.” During this past year, you the people of the Cathedral Church of St Luke have embodied the spirit of our patron saint in countless ways. Simply to highlight a few:

  • In the wake of the Pulse massacre, you expressed love to grieving members of our
    city — Deacon Nancy Oliver personally ministered to families at the hospital on the day of the shootings, and you hosted a healing funeral for one of the victims, as well as an extraordinary vigil service for all the victims.

  • On the occasion of Canon Musician Ben Lane’s 25th anniversary of service to the Cathedral, you poured out your a ection for him, encouraged the community of artists in Central FL, and donated to the OneOrlando fund to aid the victims of the Pulse shooting.

  • When we appealed for additional support for our Cathedral Charities, which provides assistance for those among us in need, you responded spontaneously and generously.

You also worship the Lord not only on Sundays but throughout the week, and your lives re ect the love of a gracious Savior to a watching world. You may not be aware of how often we hear of your kindnesses to people within and outside the Cathedral community. Thank you.

One of the ways that you have made all this — and more! — possible is through your gracious nancial support of the Cathedral’s ministry. Thank you for your giving. It is an honor to serve as Acting Dean and Senior Warden to a congregation that understands God’s mercy, and responds generously.

We ask you now to consider your giving for the coming year. We plan to invest more focused attention to ministry to our families and youth, and to new ventures in mission. We are updating our communications both in print and social media.

We hope to put together a budget for 2017 based on $800,000 in pledges. For last year, 200 units (families or individuals) pledged $734,000 total, averaging $3,670 per unit. For this next year, if 18 additional units were to pledge at the same level, we would meet our goal. At the same time, it’s possible that some families or individuals would be able to increase their pledge. If you have pledged in the past, would you give thought and prayer to increasing your pledge by an additional 10%?

We want to continue to provide programs worthy of financial support. While we urge you to be active participants in the life of the Body of Christ, we also ask you to consider your financial response to the God who “so loved the world that he gave....”

Therefore, as those called to care for your souls, we urge you to tithe (give 10% of your income to the Lord’s work), or to take a step towards tithing if you are not yet there, and to move beyond mere tithing if you are able to do so. You're able to complete a pledge card on our website here, or you'll find a card inside your Sunday bulletin to complete and leave in the offering plate. Sunday, November 20, will be our Ingathering Day. 

May God richly bless us all – called to experience, embody, and extend the timeless love of Jesus Christ. 

The Very Rev. Dr. Reggie M. Kidd, Acting Dean
Mr. Greg Leonard, Senior Warden