Best Practices for Bulletin announcements & Enews 

The bulletin insert is a wonderful way of getting the word out on many important events and causes that are near and dear to the Cathedral family! We would like to be able to afford equal space and visibility to each item every week, as every item is important! In order to do that, Media House has come up with an estimated guideline for bulletin insert submissions. 

Each submission should highlight the who/what/where/when of the event/cause. Please keep these details to four to six short sentences. If more information is required, we invite you to direct them to your phone number or email address. This is also a great opportunity to bring visibility to a website, if applicable. Bulletin space is limited every week, and it is difficult to fit submissions that have multiple paragraphs without editing.

Thank you for your understanding, and look forward to helping your reach out to our community members and beyond!

Best Practices

All marketing will follow established branding standards listed in the Media House binder. All colors, fonts, paper, signage, and logos will follow these approved standards. 

Print and social media advertising for a calendar event will be scheduled at 60 days, 30 days, 10 days, 5 days, and 2 days, depending on the market capture. 

Media House will make the determination as to what is included and the order of announcements printed on the Sunday bulletin insert. Submitted announcements will be edited for content when necessary. Announcements should be submitted before 12 noon on Thursdays. The Dean has last edit. Staff memebers and ministry leaders can submit an announcement request by email to or by completing the Media Request Form on the website.

No more than three inserts will be included in the bulletin.

One email, in addition to the ENews, can be emailed from the Cathedral within a week for a special circumstance, but should not be published on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Media House Guidelines

Master Calendar
Located on the bottom of the website landing page, the Media House Master Calendar lists
all events at the cathedral that will require scheduled media, including a bulletin announcement, ENews publication, or social media publication. The Master Calendar references the Episcopal Liturgical calendar for seasonal colors.

Submit requests for an announcement on Sunday morning during Holy Eucharist directly with the Dean’s Assistant.

Submit changes or additions to the Master Calendar by email to

Sunday Bulletin
Production for the bulletin begins on Monday of the current week. First proof is given to the receptionist and the Dean’s Assistant. The second round of proofs go to Canon Lane and the Dean. The last round of proofs go to all. The Dean has the final proof. The bulletin is printed Friday morning and delivered to the Narthex on Friday afternoon. A pdf copy of the upcoming Sunday bulletin is posted on the bottom of the website landing page on Friday.

The artwork on the bulletin cover will match the seasonal color of the Liturgical calendar. The first proof will include the Liturgical customary color for the cover. All proofs need to be checked against the Cathedral’s customary. 

  • Red: Ordination, Pentecost
  • Green: Ordinary Time, Epiphany
  • Blue: Advent
  • Purple: Lent
  • White (gray outline of the logo): Easter Vigil, Eastertide, All Saints, Christ the King
  • White (blue outline of logo on bright white paper): Christmas Eve, Christmas
  • Black: Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, and funerals

Bulletins for Ordination will be produced by Media House. Funeral and wedding bulletins will be produced by the Dean’s office.

Bulletin Insert
Insert proofs will be attached to bulletin proofs. 

Media House will make inclusion and order decisions for each announcement, and make final copy edits to submitted announcements. The Dean will have the final proof. 

ENews and emails
Final proofs are completed on Thursday morning. Only one ENews is published weekly on Thursday afternoon. A. The last week of the month, the birthday/anniversary ENews is published. The ENews URL is The ENews is linked in the website’s main navigation under News. A paper copy of the ENews is printed and placed in the Narthex.

Social Media
All social media posts will be scheduled to reflect the Master Calendar. Media House will determine the advertising cost based on the department budget and market capture.

  • Sunday: Blog post on the website with a link to facebook
  • Tuesday: Facebook
  • Friday: Instagram
  • Saturday morning: Facebook

Media House is responsible for coordinating the audio recordings on Sunday morning. Media House will email Sunday’s Preacher for sermon title and confirm which sermon will be published. Media House staff will retrieve disks and upload audio files to website, and replace with clean disks in the Vesting Sacristy and the Great Hall on Mondays.